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InnovationLand Energy proudly stands at the cutting edge, dedicated to pioneering sustainable solutions for a greener future. Our array of expertise is deeply rooted in advanced carbon capture technology, leading the way in hydrogen production and the creation of e-Fuel. Our main product, Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), represents our commitment to environmental excellence and industrial sustainability. By leveraging the boundless potential of renewable energy, we do more than confront climate change — we propel the global transition towards sustainable industrial processes. We extend an invitation to activists and investors who are passionate about transforming our planet to invest in InnovationLand Energy. Here, your commitment goes beyond business—it's an investment in a resilient, sustainable future where SAF is the cornerstone of eco-innovation.

With each endeavor, InnovationLand Energy reinforces its role in sculpting an environmentally responsible future


How do we do it?

How do we do it?

At the heart of the global effort towards industrial decarbonization, InnovationLand Energy stands out as a beacon of progress. With an unwavering commitment to innovation, the company plays a pivotal role in driving industries toward achieving net zero emissions. Recognizing the urgency of the climate crisis, InnovationLand Energy offers solutions that not only mitigate the impact of industrial processes on the environment but also ensure their long-term sustainability. As industries grapple with the challenges of reducing their carbon footprint, InnovationLand Energy emerges as a key partner in the journey to a carbon-neutral future.

Process technologies

Process Technology

Methanol and SAF Productions Ways 1.png

The diagram depicts InnovationLandEnergy's sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production process, which begins with renewable energy generation from wind and solar farms. This energy powers a green hydrogen facility, which produces hydrogen through water electrolysis with zero carbon emissions. Concurrently, municipal solid waste (MSW) and waste biomass serve as feedstock. These materials are processed to generate syngas, a mix of carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which is conditioned for chemical synthesis. The syngas undergo Fischer-Tropsch synthesis to be converted into liquid hydrocarbons. These hydrocarbons are then upgraded to meet aviation fuel standards, culminating in the production of SAF. This integrated, sustainable approach highlights InnovationLandEnergy's commitment to leveraging renewable sources and waste materials to produce cleaner fuel options.

Methanol and SAF Productions Ways 2.png

The diagram outlines the second option for sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) production at InnovationLandEnergy, incorporating CO2  capture. This option starts with renewable energy sourced from wind turbines and solar panels. The energy is used to power a green hydrogen facility, generating hydrogen through water electrolysis with no carbon footprint. This hydrogen is then used in conjunction with captured CO2 from any CO2 emitting facility, signifying a carbon capture and utilization (CCU) approach. The CO2 is processed in a capture facility, which, when combined with the hydrogen, leads to syngas generation and conditioning. The syngas is then transformed into liquid hydrocarbons through the Fischer-Tropsch synthesis process. These hydrocarbons are refined in an upgrading facility to meet aviation fuel standards, resulting in the production of SAF. This method highlights the innovative integration of carbon capture with renewable energy to produce environmentally friendly aviation fuel, demonstrating a closed-loop approach to carbon management.

Methanol and SAF Productions Ways 3.png
Solution Life Cycle

Solutions Life Cycle

Development INNOVATION LAND.png

The integration of advanced systems by InnovationLand Energy is crucial for success in net-zero projects. Each system, from environmental management to innovation, enhances operational efficiency, minimizes risks, and drives excellence in net-zero solutions.

Sustainable Integrated Management  System

istema Integrado de Gestión.png

InnovationLand Energy's integration of advanced management systems is crucial for the success of net zero carbon neutral project development and operation. Each system uniquely contributes:


1. Environmental Management (ISO-14001): This system enables the company to identify and manage its environmental impact, minimize waste, conserve resources, and comply with environmental regulations, enhancing sustainability and environmental performance in net zero projects.


2. Energy Management (ISO-50001): Essential for improving energy efficiency, it reduces energy consumption and optimizes energy use, crucial for net zero carbon neutral projects.


3. Organizational Health and Safety Management (ISO-45001): Ensures a safe and healthy work environment, preventing work-related injuries and illnesses, vital for maintaining workforce efficiency in complex net zero projects.


4. Information Security Management (ISO-27001): Protects sensitive project data, managing security risks to maintain the confidentiality and integrity of information critical to net zero initiatives.


5. Quality Management (ISO-9001): Focuses on meeting customer expectations and enhancing satisfaction, driving continuous improvement in the quality of net zero solutions.


6. Innovation Management (ISO-56001): Fosters a culture of innovation within the organization, improving innovation capabilities, essential for developing cutting-edge net zero solutions.


7. Asset Management (ISO-55001): Effectively manages assets throughout their lifecycle, optimizing performance, minimizing risks and costs, crucial for the sustainability and efficiency of net zero projects.


Implementing these management systems enables InnovationLand Energy to enhance operational efficiency, reduce risks, comply with regulations, improve customer satisfaction, drive innovation, and achieve performance objectives in each area critical to the success of net zero carbon neutral projects.

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